Vehicle Emergency Power Bank

Do You Have Such Troubles?

  • Left unused for too long
  • Negligence in using battery-consuming appliances
  • Temperature is too low

Now Solution is Here!

Vehicle Emergency Power Bank, Spare Engine for Your Car!

Suitable for 90% vehicles!

  • 12V petrol vehicles with displacement not exceeding 4.0L
  • 12V diesel vehicles with displacement not exceeding 2.5L
  • Vehicle type: Car/SUV/Electric car/Motorcycle/Van/Pick up/Small truck

Large Power Capacity Durable Power Supply!

Actual measurement shows that the Crown 3.0L naturally aspirated car can be started more than 40 times when fully charged!


Easy Startup Even Under Low Temperature!

High magnification polymer cell, safe under low temperature still can be successfully started at the temperature of minus 40℃!


Supply Power for Electronic Products!

One USB output port is designed for the fast power supply of 5V/2.4 A for electronic products such as mobile phones!


Multi-mode Emergency Lighting!

Long-press to start the lighting, multiple modes are available which can be switched freely as required!

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